At Age 13 i did my first recordings in my bedroom. After several Recording experiences throughout Europe - in big and small Studios - and while studying Music Production, I am very happy to announce, that i am able to provide remote or Live Recordings. 

My Studio is based in Basel (CH) and includes a collection of Vintage Instruments and Microphones. 

I recorded Drums, full Songs and Albums for iuri, Tiramisadness, Keiran Fence, Luna Oku, Mastergrief, Hæsin among others.

Find more projects, timelines and soundfiles on my instagram account.

Find the studio inventory list is on the bottom of this page.



1961 Gretsch Broadcaster 20/13/14’’ + 14x4’’ Max Roach Snare

1968 Ludwig Hollywood 22/12/13/16’’ + 14’’x5 Supraphonic

2011 Sonor Prolite 20/8/10/12’’ + 14’’x5 Snare


DW Collectors Snare 14x5

1968 Ludwig Acrolite

1960s Sonor Pancake Snare 

1960s Slingerland 15x8 Snare


Cymbals: Various Vintage Zildjian A/K and Paiste 


Siel Opera 6

Elektron Analog 4 MKII

Teenage Engineering OP1
Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano

Roland Cr78

Acetone FR7 Drummachine

Elektron Machinedrum MK1


6x Aml 1073 Preamps

Vintage Audio Developments AD062 Mixer (10Preamps, Stereo Compressor)

Audio Developements 8 Channel AD146 Preamps

2x Stereo Symetrix sx202 Preamps

Fostex 8 Track Tape


Apogee Symphony I/O MK1 24x24 A/D D/A

Logic Pro X






Guitar & Bass

Fender 1980s JV Telecaster 
Hofner 1960s 177

Aria 1970 SG Copy

Aria 1970s Dreadnought

Espala Classical Guitar

Hofner 1970s 12 String

Fender 1972 Jazz Bass

Rickenbacker 1970s Shortscale Bass 

Eko 1970s Shortscale Violin Bass


Vox Ac15 Amp

Jennings 1970s J100 Amp

Fender 1990 59 Bassman Tweed

Different Guitar Pedals


1x Neumann Km56

1x Funkwerk CM7156

1x Neumann TLM 170
2x AKG C414 EB P48

3x Neumann KM140

2x MBHO MBC540 (with various Capsules)

2x AKG c535


Melodium 1940s 42b

2x Beyer M320

2x Vintage Beyer M260

Vintage MBHO 301

RCA 77dx


Vintage Beyer M88

3x Sm57

2x Revox M3500

AKG d14

AKG d202

AKG d112

Audix d6

Beyer Soundstar x1

2x Sennheiser m211

2x Beyer M64

2x Sennheiser MD21

2x Sennheiser MD441

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