Alon Ben (*1998) is a Musician focusing on Drums. With over 300 Concerts played, he is currently working, recording and performing live with various Bands such as Luna Oku, Malummí, Mastergrief, David Caspar, Hæsin, Adrian Sieber, Spoon & The Forkestra, CANT. Recordings from all of them can be found online or be heard in the near future.

His soloalbum Figment was released in November 2021 on the Radicalis Label with several Reviews worldwide. 

Starting to play drums at age five and joining bands at the age of twelve as a bassplayer and drummer, he will finish his Master degree of performing arts at Jazzcampus Basel in 2022, where he studied drums and production with Gregor Hilbe, Patrik Zosso & Jeff Ballard. 

He curently is working on several album productions including his second solo album and teaching drums at Musikwerkstatt Basel