Alon Ben (*1998 in Basel, Switzerland) is a Musician focusing on Drums. With over 300 Concerts played, he is currently working, recording and performing live with various projects such as Mastergrief, Malummi, Matcha Mountain, Arbajo Jairus & Them Lovers, Tillie & Laura (among others) recordings from all of them to be heard in near future.

His soloproject ‘Luna Oku’ already won the RFV-Soundclinic with his first demo and got portrayed by Viral-Online Magazin.

His debut record will be released in Spring 2021.

Starting to play drums at age five and joining bands at the age of twelve as a bassplayer and drummer, he finished his bachelor's degree at Jazzcampus Basel in 2020, where he studied with Gregor Hilbe & Jeff Ballard.

A mentorship and studies with Leon Parker started off 2018.